How to Use this Database

General Instructions

This database is intended to store data collected using the streamkeepers surveys. When perfoming a survey, use the data collection sheets provided in the Handbook and Modules. When you begin to enter the data, you will notice that the database asks for more information than you collected. MOST of this extra information is optional. The only exception is Survey Start Time, End Time, Total Survey Time and Crew Size, which were not marked as optional on the data forms. We need this information in order to complie statistics on volunteer time, both for your organization, and for Streamkeeper activities province wide.

When you collect the data and record it on the data sheets, you will notice that all the surveys have a "Stream Location and Conditions" sheet as the first sheet. Although they are similar throughout the surveys, there can be differences on this sheet from one survey to the next.

Before you begin

Ensure you have ALL the data sheets for the survey at hand. At this time, it is only possible to enter all the data in one session. If you interrupt the data entry, you will lose the connection between the stream location and conditions, and the survey observations/results. As far as is possible, the data entry page mimics the printed sheet. Once this information is entered into the database, it generates a unique SurveyID number. That number is carried through to the observations data entry.

Special Notes

You may see this message while you are entering your data.
Leave Page
It is intended to make you stop and ensure that your data is completely entered. If you leave the page without using the proper buttons, all the data you have entered so far will not be connected.